YMCA of Greater Erie

Adult Conditioning Swim Class

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Whether you are preparing for an athletic event or simply want to work swimming into your workout routine, this 45-minute class can help you meet your goals.  Class  held by certified instructor with training experience.

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Sporties for Shorties

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Sporties for Shorties is a new spin on a classic program at the Eastside Family Y.  Formerly, Mighty Mites, Sporties for Shorties is a 10-week class which offers lessons in sports such as soccer, basketball, floor hockey and t-ball and includes a weekly swim lesson.  Cost is $25 for members and $75 for non-members.

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YMCA Swim Lesson Instructor Course

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This training course awards the YMCA Swim Instructor Certification.  After successful completion, instructors will be able to identify components of the YMCA Swim Lesson continuum, demonstrate the behaviors of an effective YMCA Swim Lesson Instructor, maintain an inclusive environment of learning while keeping order in a positive and safe environment, employ swim teaching techniques that breakdown the critical features of a swimmer’s skill progression and demonstrate the swim instructor’s role in an emergency situation.

Prerequisites: CPR, AED, Oxygen and First Aid certifications. Prior to REGISTERING, participants must complete eLearning for Principles of Youth Development, YMCA Swim Lessons Instructor Orientation, and YMCA Swim Lessons Instructor Observe and Communicate.   Ability to complete 4 of the 6 strokes in good form (front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke, sidestroke, elementary backstroke and butterfly), tread water 2 minutes with 2 different kicks.

Download an instruction sheet for registering for this course and e -learnings.

Download an instruction sheet for uploading certifications for this course.

Course Cost: Free for YMCA of Greater Erie staff, members $75, non-members $150

E-Learning Cost: $10/course.  Reimbursed to YMCA of Greater Erie staff after successful completion of course.


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