YMCA of Greater Erie

Art, Gym and Swim

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30 minutes each of art, tumbling/gym and swim classes. Open to children ages 3-6.  Program cost varies by location.  Program held throughout the year at the Eastside Family and Glenwood Park Ys.  Program held during the summer at YMCA Camp Sherwin. Register Online>>

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Beginner Hustle Dance Lessons

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Hustle is a very exciting and energetic dance with the flexibility to look elegant and graceful, sultry and intimate, or funky and fun. It shares patterns and concepts with Salsa, including numerous wrap and turn patterns. More applicable and popular than ever, our curriculum focuses on a modern Hustle which is the contemporary evolution of the partner dance first popularized in the 1970’s.

The styling, movement, and musicality have evolved to reflect the latest music and trends. It also has options to travel and float on the dance floor like Waltz and Foxtrot. It’s danced to a syncopated rhythm creating a unique pulse perfect for pop, disco, jazz, and techno tunes. This powerful social dance can really make you stand out on the dance floor. Hustle is useful for regular dance parties such as weddings/receptions, live music night at the bar, charity events, etc.


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Beginner Waltz Dance Lessons

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Waltz is as relevant and useful today as it has been for over a century. It’s perfect for classics, as well as many of today’s pop, country, jazz, and even rock ballads. There are a surprising number of contemporary songs that use a Waltz rhythm. Along with Foxtrot, it is a common choice for wedding dances and is popular with social dancers all over the world. Waltz music is recognized by its ¾ rhythm, meaning musical phrases are counted in six beats rather than the usual eight.

An elegant and graceful slow dance that glides across the floor, it can be intimate and romantic or formal and grand. Learning to Waltz will improve your posture, poise, balance, frame, and control.


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Birthday Parties

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What better place to have a birthday party for kids than the YMCA? We’ve got birthday party fun down to an art and our facility is a giant playground for kids eager to run, climb and play (and eat cake, of course!)

Party times are up to 2.5 hours and can include a variety of combinations from reserved swimming and gym time to planned youth activities/games and, if at our Camp – 70 acres of outdoor recreation including hiking, fishing and canoeing. A party room for cake and gifts is also available. Costs begin at $90 for Y members and community member rates are available. A $25 non-refundable deposit is required. Inquire at the Membership Desk for more information.

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Deep Water Competency Test

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Drowning is the second-leading cause of injury-related death for children ages 1-14 years old. In addition to drownings, five times as many children are victims of near-drowning incidents.

The YMCA of Greater Erie is committed to aquatic safety! All youth ages 17 and under will require a deep water competency test and an identification wristband before entering the deep end of the small pool or large pool. The test will only need to be completed once as a record will be kept on file but a wristband will need to be obtained from the Membership Desk and worn every time you visit.

Please be sure to stop by the Membership Desk prior to entering the pool area to get your wrist band.

Click here to see what skills are required for the deep water test.

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Financial Assistance

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If you are unable to pay the full cost of Y membership or programs, you may apply for partial assistance based on your financial situation. Income based membership rates are also available. Funds for financial assistance are raised by the volunteers of the Y’s We Build People campaign and come from generous individuals and businesses in the community. More >>

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Mighty Mites (ages 5-9)

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In a fun learning environment, qualified staff help kids learn the basics of soccer, t-ball, floor hockey and basketball.  Kids are building self confidence, having fun and making friends.

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Silver & Fit Fitness Program

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YMCA of Greater Erie locations are participating fitness facilities in the Silver & Fit Fitness Program – a program designed to help older adults achieve better health through regular exercise and health education.  Silver & Fit provides eligible members with no-cost or low cost fitness memberships through arrangements with certain health plans. Learn more at www.SilverandFit.com.  Programs offered in the spring and summer only at Camp Sherwin.

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Sporties for Shorties

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Sporties for Shorties is a new spin on a classic program at the Eastside Family Y.  Formerly, Mighty Mites, Sporties for Shorties is a 10-week class which offers lessons in sports such as soccer, basketball, floor hockey and t-ball and includes a weekly swim lesson.  Cost is $25 for members and $75 for non-members.

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Swimming Lessons

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Drowning is the second leading cause of death for children 1 to 4 and the second leading cause of accidental death for children 5 to 14. Accidental drownings can be prevented by teaching youth, teens and adults to swim, so they can be safe around water and learn the skills they need to make swimming a lifelong pursuit for staying healthy.

Y swim instructors are nationally certified. Their training includes CPR, AED, First Aid and Oxygen Administration.

Y Swim Lesson curriculum is based on a continuum that focuses on a skill-based progression that builds confidence and supports swimming skills. Lessons are broken into specific stages that are designed for that age group on a cognitive and social ability.

Program enhancements include: low swimmer/instructor ratio, longer class length for advanced progression, ease at time of registration, improved curriculum focusing on skills-based instruction with an emphasis on personal safety, tools and resources to support families at home. Class sessions are 8 weeks.

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Volunteer Information

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Volunteers are the strength of our organization.  They make it possible to offer the wide range of quality services and programs that we do.  Their contributions impact all aspects of the Y. Volunteers assist us in the following areas:  aquatics, wellness, fund development, office, special events, committees, youth sports and board leadership. Click here for more information.

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Y Water Fitness For Older Adults

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Shallow water exercise class that focuses on strength/endurance activities, balance work and target ADLs (activities of daily living).  Class held year-round at the Downtown, Eastside and Glenwood Park Ys.  Class held outdoors in the summer at the Eastside Y and Camp Sherwin.

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