YMCA of Greater Erie

As a volunteer, you are an integral part of a team that will help achieve our financial goal which ultimately provides the financial resources needed by the Y to support our community and those that need us most. Your most important job is to:
Tell the Y Story: Let people know how the Y is strengthening the community and improving the quality of life for the 30,000 we serve. Ask your branch executive director or campaign chair for Y stories that you can share. A great way to learn Y stories is to visit a Y program and see our mission in action. This lends itself also to sharing this program with others as you ask for their support.
Attend Campaign Events : Be active in the campaign. You’ll meet other campaigners, learn more about Y programs, and celebrate success. A calendar is included within this guide.
Make Your Gift First : Your gift demonstrates your commitment and belief in the Y. After making a personal gift, it is much easier to ask someone else to do the same.
Ask: Think about your connections at the Y – the small groups you belong. Perhaps you take a group exercise class or you shoot hoops with some guys in the morning, maybe you and others are regulars on the treadmill. These are the people you feel most comfortable with and perhaps can join you in contributing. You perhaps may be asked by your Branch Executive or your Campaign Chair to review a list of past stewards or a list of new stewards we’ve identified. It’s important to keep clear communication with the Branch Executive and Campaign Chair to avoid duplication.
Submit completed pledges weekly: Please turn in pledge cards for those that gave and those that declined to your Branch Executive or Metro Office.
Write personal tha nk you notes to th e donors you solicit: A handwritten thank you note is important, and should be sent ideally as soon as 48 hours, but not later than one week from when a steward makes a gift. Blank note cards are available from your Branch Executive or Metro Office.