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fishing derby winner-cropped

Fishing pole in one hand, tackle box in the other and a big smiling face is what you saw all lined up to fish at Camp Sherwin. Bright and early at 9:30 a.m. Saturday morning, kids ages 3-15 came out to Camp Sherwin to participate in their 10th Annual Fishing Derby. This was a fun, free event for every member of the family.

The sun was shining high in the sky with over 115 kids forming a ring around the pond. This was the most successful turnout for the fishing derby, and the kids loved it!

The fish didn’t discriminate as kids of all ages caught fish of all sizes; ranging from 6.5 inches to 19.5 inches. The biggest fish was caught by 7 year old, Alexander Andrasy. All of the participants received a certificate, and those who caught fish each got a ribbon or trophy.


Prizes were given out to the biggest fish and most fish caught and divided up by age group. The winners were:


Ages 3-5

Ben Lino                         5yo      17 inches                       #1 Biggest Fish

Nadia Oleski                  4yo       11 ¼ inches                  #2 Biggest Fish

Mateo Kennelley           5yo      10 inches                       #3 Biggest Fish

Jacob Bonner                 5yo       10 inches                     #4 Biggest Fish

Malachi Bush                 4yo       5 fish                            #1 Most Fish

Kailee Hays                    4yo       2 fish                            #2 Most Fish


Ages 6-7

Alexander Andrasy        7yo        19 ½ inches                 #1 Biggest Fish

Gavin Lavery                   7yo        11 ½ inches                 #2 Biggest Fish

Jade Kauffman               6yo        5 fish                            #1 Most Fish

Brady Black                     6yo        4 fish                           #2 Most Fish


Ages 8-9

Tyler Zarnick                 8yo       18 inches                      #1 Biggest Fish

Natalie Boboshko         8yo        11 inches                      #2 Biggest Fish

Sarah Schwenk             8yo        10 ½ inches                #3 Biggest Fish

Jacob Mitchell              9yo        10 inches                     #4 Biggest Fish

Ages 10-11

Bella Eibl                      10yo       16 ½ inches               #1 Biggest Fish

Garrett Zola                  11yo       5 fish                           #1 Most Fish

Anthony Schiller         10yo       3 fish                          #2 Most Fish

Ana Rabickow              11yo       2 fish                          #3 Most Fish


Ages 12-15

David Kiehlmeier           12yo       19 inches                     #1 Biggest Fish

Nick Boboskho               12yo      6 ½ inches                   #2 Biggest Fish

Ammar Krso                   14yo        4 fish                           #1 Most Fish

The Fishing Derby helps kids experience what it’s like to fish like real fishermen. They learn how to cast a line, build patience, and reel in a hungry fish. Families were full of smiles and laughter as kids caught their fish and smiled in pictures.


The Fishing Derby was a fun success that Camp Sherwin loves to have for the families in the community.