YMCA of Greater Erie

TR HeadshotMy name is Tammy Roche.  I have committed to trying many new classes this fall – you know, shaking up my routine a bit. I bet I’m like many of you – with even the best intentions, life got in the way of my fitness routine.

In September, I found myself going 2 ENTIRE WEEKSwithout working out even once – and, the worst part is I WORK IN THE Y!! I gained about 5 pounds during this time – noticed it immediately when I went to put on a pair of shorts I hadn’t worn in awhile.

Did you know that 65% of our members would describe themselves as a start-stop exerciser? Well, I’m among the 65% – at least for the month of September. It was just this week that I restarted my fitness routine – and, while not a new class for me – it sure felt like it!

I joined Downtown Y Program Director Monica Olesnanik for BodyCombat – a martial arts inspired class from fitness guru LesMills.  I warned her going in of my less than habitual routine the last few weeks- and, also told her that I was VERY sore from having taken BodyPump the day before (like can’t squat sore).

What’s great about BodyCombat is the ENERGY of the instructors.  Monica was joined by two guest instructors – Nicole & Sue – who bring such fun to the classroom. For the next 40 minutes, it was hook, upper cut, jab, cross, jab, shuffle, knee!

Admittedly, while not an aggressive person, there is something completely freeing about taking out your frustrations with a strong knee to the forehead and a jab in the gut (her words, not mine) – – all the while conjuring up a worthy mental image!

Of course, I’ve been gone so long (haven’t taken the class since June), the choreography was all new – so, I felt much like a beginner again, trying to follow along  – and not look silly.

Well, truth is, I did look silly some of the time, but when I found my zone, planted my feet and jabbed to my heart’s content – it was liberating.

So, today is Thursday, I am still sore – especially my abs and my arms – but, it’s nice to be home again.

 I”d like to thank you Monica for your hard work – the hours of practice outside of the fitness studio building new choreography, making me laugh, and bringing it every single time you come into the fitness studio.

 What will you try?  There are TONS of new classes coming to schedules this fall

See you in class.