YMCA of Greater Erie

My name is Tammy Roche.

So, this month I decided to check out what all of the buzz is about PI-YO.  Its been on our fitness schedule – but, like most of you – I would stand outside the classroom and peer through the window – making up my mind then and there that there was no way I could do that class.

But, in the spirit of honoring my commitment that I have made to you – I decided this month to give it a try.

So, my first class was with Shelly Miller at the UPMC Hamot Y.  I chose the UPMC Hamot Y because the space and the class size is more intimate than at one of our larger branches.

Like most, I thought that PI-YO meant Pilates mixed with Yoga – and, I thought I would not sweat.

Well, that is not exactly right. It does combine Pilates and yoga-inspired moves  – but it is set to a slightly faster pace and I absolutely did break a sweat!  And, I totally LOVED the music.

Shelly did a great job in leading this class – adapting the movements for those of us with weaker cores (wink wink) and demonstrating proper technique.  Before I knew it, sweat was running off of my forehead onto my mat while I was holding my down dog!

 The class was set to popular upbeat music and at certain times of the class – like when we would “explode” from our chair pose, she had us give a little extra shout-out – which made us all laugh out-loud.

 I thought I would be very sore in my core- and while I was, I was much more sore in my saddle bag area – that too was a good thing!

With one introduction class under my belt, I ventured to the Glenwood Y and joined Nancy Jo Foor for her class.  Now, those of you that know Nancy Jo (I’ve written about her TurboKick and Insanity classes) appreciate, that like Shelly, Nancy Jo brings an energy and love for her job to every single class – and, that my friends, made my one-hour of PI-YO last night be the fastest moving hour of the day.

I set my mat up in the back – I think we assume the back is the beginner area. Thank goodness for the women in front of me – I was in awe of the fluidity and grace of their movements.  I made up my mind then and there that I am going to keep taking PI-YO until my movements are like theirs.

Anyhow – I encourage you to check it out – it’s on the schedule at UPMC Hamot, Glenwood & Eastside. Set your mat up in the back and give it a try – – or call me at the Y and I’ll join you so you don’t have to go alone!

 What an awesome value our Y membership is – certified instructors leading one of the trendiest classes in the country right now – INCLUDED in your membership.

 So, buddy up with a friend, or come early and meet the instructor – she’ll help you along.

PS – one tip – don’t wear socks and shoes!