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Who’s up for a friendly game of Pickle Ball? That’s right, Pickle Ball – a lively racket game for all ages and abilities. Pickle Ball was created with one thing in mind: fun. It was designed to be easy to learn and play whether you’re five, eighty-five or somewhere in between.

This tennis like sport was first created back in 1965 by Joel Pritchard, congressman from Washington State and Bill Bell, successful businessman when they took an old badminton court, Ping-Pong paddles, and a perforated plastic ball and constructed the first Pickle Ball court at Pritchard’s home. Today Pickle Ball is played all over the world—through community groups, PE classes, YMCAs, retirement communities and more. There are more than 100,000 people playing Pickle Ball in the US alone, and the game is growing exponentially.

The game of Pickle Ball is played with either two or four players on a badminton court with a low hanging net. With rules similar to Ping-Pong each team must try and score points by hitting a plastic ball onto the opponent’s side of the court bouncing twice to score a point. Players must score eleven points to win a match.

One reason why this sport has had such a huge impact in the community is because it is considered a family sport and can be played by ages 6 to 99 on the court at the same time. For the youth, this game helps improve hand-eye coordination and for those young-at-heart, Pickle Ball gives the sensation of playing tennis but in a less stressful environment with its smaller court and slower ball velocity.

Excitement for Pickle Ball is growing every week with more and more coming out to participate. Pickle Ball is played at the Glenwood, Eastside Family and County Ys.  We divide the gym into two courts – one side for beginners and one for more advanced-skilled players.  Don’t worry about equipment – we have that too, although you are welcome to bring your own.

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