YMCA of Greater Erie

Maggie ComstockMy Name is Maggie Comstock. I have been coming to the YMCA since I was an infant, but as I entered my teen years, I slowly disengaged from the Y. As a young adult, I struggled with my weight and felt difficulty practicing some sports. At 4’11”, any weight gain seemed more noticeable.  In January 2013, I found myself at my highest weight, and I knew something had to change.

The YMCA offered me scholarship help toward my membership and I started doing gentle yoga twice a week at the Holistic Center at the Glenwood  Park YMCA. After only a month, I noticed muscle and upper arm strength that I never experienced before. I wanted to see what more I could do, so I started to use the weight machines each time I came to yoga and instantly noticed that I began losing weight. I continued with yoga and machines for a few months, and eventually added Zumba and jogging on the treadmill. I continued doing more yoga classes and more workout classes, developing a regular routine, becoming more determined to continue my weight loss/strengthening.

Shortly after joining the YMCA, I started working split shifts in the childcare program at the Eastside YMCA. Working split shifts gave me the opportunity to continue to attend yoga and workout classes throughout the day.  After a few months of spontaneously sharing yoga with children, “Kidding Around Yoga” training was offered at the Glenwood Park YMCA. I took the training, fell in love with it, and became a certified children’s yoga teacher. I began teaching children’s yoga classes at both Glenwood and Eastside YMCAs.

Discovering the positive impact of yoga in my personal life, I went on to get my 200-hour yoga teacher training certification. I currently teach yoga to children and adults at both the Eastside and Glenwood YMCAs, as well as continue to work in childcare, and absolutely love it. My intention is to share and give back to the YMCA some of the peace and healing light that it gave me.

With the support of wonderful coworkers, I gained the motivation to quit smoking, I am very grateful for the positive work environment I have found at the YMCA. I am currently 8 months smoke free and I have never felt better! Overall, I went from a size 16 to a size 4, lost 50 pounds, quit smoking, and found a passion for life and career.

I truly want to say thank you to the YMCA community for helping me become a better person and for all the amazing benefits I have gotten from being a member and employee!