YMCA of Greater Erie

We’ve got a new BFF at the Y!  As millions of Americans are making life changing resolutions, we’ve resolved at the Y to bridge the gap between fitness and nutrition for our members.  In January, we’re teaming up with Weight Watchers which means Y members will have the added convenience and support of Weight Watchers right at the Y.

You may have caught the recent Wall Street Journal article which gives an overview of a much anticipated Weight Watchers overhaul.  According to the WSJ, WW is replacing its eating plan with a new program called “Beyond the Scale”.  The effort includes revamped food guidelines, more emphasis on fitness and new motivational tools to “find and fuel inner strength.”

The Beyond the Scale plan gives users other goals to reach aside from weight loss including personalized fitness targets (our meetings will be followed by a yoga, ZUMBA, Basic & Brief classes) and a new food plan that “nudges” members to eat more lean protein and fruits and vegetables, and less sugar and saturated fat.

The weekly meeting format is changing slightly too. There’ll still be weigh-ins, but will focus more on support among members rather than lectures.

Check out Weight Watchers at the Y during Open House & Registration events . As added incentive, Y members that attend a minimum of 11 WW meetings, will earn 1 free month of membership.