YMCA of Greater Erie

Is your son or daughter interested in playing youth football? Are you hesitant to sign your child up for such a physical contact sport? The YMCA of Greater Erie may have a solution for you and your child. The YMCA of Greater Erie has been a proud member of NFL Flag since 2009 offering a non contact football option for local youth ages 6 to 15. While providing a non contact environment for youth to learn the fundamentals of football’s skill positions, participating in a NFL Flag league can offer many other benefits to both participants and families. The four benefits of participating in a NFL Flag league include;

  1. Non Contact Environment to Learn the Fundamentals

NFL Flag prohibits tackling, blocking, stiff arms and all other forms of physical contact. By eliminating all intentional forms of contact, NFL Flag allows each child the opportunity to concentrate on learning the basics of football from running plays to running routes, from throwing to receiving, and from defending receivers to rushing the quarterback.

2.  NFL Flag Equipment

All NFL Flag players receive a NFL team-branded reversible jersey along with a NFL Flag football belt set. The team-branded reversible jersey not only helps create a bond between teammates but also allows your child to share their excitement towards being physically active with their friends and neighbors.

3. USA Football Player Membership

USA Football provides NFL Flag players with a FREE USA Football parent/player membership in order to create a better game. Players will have access to their own player page, instructional videos, NFL content and much more. Parents will find leading resources and tools to help their young player have a positive experience.

4. USA Football Coach Membership for Volunteer Coaches

USA Football also provides each NFL Flag coach with a FREE USA Football coach membership. The coach membership provides access to positive coaching techniques, drills, exercises, and playbooks. Parents looking for their child to learn some of the basics may get some reassurance that their child’s coach has a wide variety of resources at their fingertips. The USA Football Coach Membership may also be a great resource for parents that are interested in becoming a volunteer coach but are tentative in their football knowledge.

If you would like more information regarding the YMCA of Greater Erie’s NFL Flag leagues starting in August, click here or http://www.nflflag.com/home/index.