YMCA of Greater Erie

Welcome to our new blog!

Erica and Michelle Aerial YogaFirst, a little about us and why we wanted to write this blog!  First off, there are many fun new ways to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle right here in Erie.  This blog is going to feature a new fitness experience every time.

About Michelle Callahan– It’s said you often perform your best when you venture out of your comfort zone.  This year, I decided that I wanted to test that theory.  Becoming a fitness instructor was something I’ve wanted to do for years, but never had the courage to do it.  After some encouragement, I decided to finally leave my comfort zone and go for it, and it has been the most amazing experience for me.  So as a New Year’s resolution for 2016, I decided to push the envelope a little further and try something related to living a fit lifestyle that is new and out of my comfort zone every month.  Not being one to try things on my own, I recruited a few friends.  Trying new things has been exciting and wonderful – both for personal and physical growth.  So, why not share these experiences in the hopes of inspiring someone to see what they can do when they get uncomfortable?

About Erica Kaliszewski-  I’m the Healthy Living Program Director at the Eastside Family YMCA, so you would think that I’ve always lived a healthy lifestyle.  I’m like most Health Seekers, you know, I do great for a couple months and then fall off and get sedentary.  Over the last two years, I’ve become a routine exerciser, but also was kind of stuck in a rut.  When Michelle approached me about trying new forms of exercising and exploring new ways to eat healthy, I was 100% on board.  I’m kind of a free spirit and will try anything with no thought to consequences.  The 2 of us together balance each other out and push each other in the best way possible.

We hope that you enjoy this blog, it gets you thinking outside the box and trying new things!!!  At times, it’s scary…at times, it’s funny, but always worth it in the end.

Next month, we will feature our experiences with Aerial Yoga.   Anyone up for hanging upside down, suspended from the ceiling?!