YMCA of Greater Erie

Summertime is the perfect time to set fitness goals and get some fresh air!

Join our YMCA instructors for aquatic fitness instruction both indoors and outdoors at our local branches.

Tips for Planning Your Summer Fitness Routine –

* Stretch daily, before and after your workout to improve flexibility and to avoid injury.

* A brisk 10-minute walk in the morning is a great way to de-stress and get your circulation and metabolism moving for the day.

* Hydrate. Before, during, and after your workout. Warmer temperatures and exercise will increase your daily needed intake for water.

* Try aqua jogging. Alternate arm motions. Jog a lap forward and jog a lap backwards. Add a few more laps each work-out. The water will give you added resistance with low impact on your joints.

* Want an independent water work out? Try some push-ups on the wall of the pool and alternate with kicking while holding onto the wall on your stomach and back. Wear a buoyancy belt and try some treading in the deep  water.

* Want to learn to swim better? Inquire about private lessons. Available for youth and adults. Experienced one-on-one instruction tailored to your goals. For beginners ranging to competitive athletes training for the Bay Swim, Triathlons, and Master’s and Youth Swim Teams.

* Join a class. Water Fitness, Deep Water Fitness with flotation belts, Water Boot Camp, Older Adult Water Fitness, and Arthritis Class led by instructors can inspire you to keep moving at your own comfort level and find workout buddies.

Enjoy the sunshine but please  protect your skin by applying sunscreen multiple times per day. Most importantly just keep moving and enjoy each and every day we are blessed with. Happy summer!