YMCA of Greater Erie

Avery personal trainerIf you’ve decided you can only push yourself so far at the gym and might need someone to challenge you – you might want to think about hiring a personal trainer. The first thing you should find out is if you have the option to hire a trainer through your gym or would you prefer private training at your home. Some individuals may feel more comfortable in their own setting, but equipment tends to be limited. It is safe to assume all trainers hired through your gym will be nationally certified, but if you are hiring on your own this is definitely something you should require. Ask around!  It is also common, especially for the latter case, to ask for client referrals and/or success stories. If you have an injury or medical condition, find out if your trainer has experience dealing with your issue.

Finally, schedule an appointment with your trainer and sit down with him/her. This will help you determine if your personalities are compatible. This is very important since you will be working closely with this person for an extended period of time. You must trust and respect your trainer in order to get the most out of your workouts. People are motivated in lots of ways! Do you prefer positive reinforcement/encouragement or boot camp drill sergeant approach?

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