YMCA of Greater Erie

20160319_113114_resizedErica:  For those of you who know me, I’ve been trying to get a pole fitness class at the Y for some time.  Thankfully, the powers that be keep shutting me down.  This class is not appropriate for the YMCA, but sure is a lot of fun!  It’s an intense workout, much harder than I anticipated.  The class started out with us strutting our stuff around the pole, and moved quickly into learning spins, climbing the pole, and some holds.  We learned more than I thought we would for a first class.  My core and back were engaged the whole class, and I was sore afterward (which always makes me happy).  The teacher was very knowledgeable and made the class fun.  Overall, I would go back and take it again in a second!  Thankfully, heels were optional.

Michelle:  This month’s challenge was definitely a challenge to my comfort zone.  Dancing center stage around a pole is not something I ever envisioned myself doing, but in the spirit of trying new things I went for it.  After getting over the initial awkwardness of strutting around a pole, I began to let myself go and get into it.  Learning spins, climbing and holds were way more challenging then I could have imagined.  Not only did it challenge my strength, but this class also challenged my need to do things “my” way.  The way I thought certain things like climbing and holding were done was different than I would have imagined so I was forced to let go of control and follow the instructions I was given.  In that respect this class not only challenged my physical strength, but my mental strength as well because not being able to do things “my” way made me question whether I could do them at all.  Much to my surprise when I let go and did as instructed I was able to do much more than I thought I could.  I would definitely like to go back and try this class on a continual basis.  I can see how it would not only build my physical strength, but confidence as well.

Stay tuned for next month…hot yoga…where a puddle of sweat is more slippery than you can imagine…