YMCA of Greater Erie

Happy Monday!

Today we are given the opportunity to start a fresh week and make it a great one. What will be your motivation today to stay motivated for the week? While you sip on your morning coffee or tea, think to yourself: How can I make this week better than the last? What do I have control over and what do I not have control over? Set realistic and attainable goals for yourself before you even start your day.


The quote of the day today is “We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated” –Maya Angeleou.

I love this quote because it explains that it is OK to fail and mess up. It is ok to fail as long as you do not succumb to those failures. Every defeat can be used as a lesson, something to learn from, to help you improve and become the best version of yourself you can be. If you allow your defeat to win, you then are failing. Always push to overcome these downfalls and you will grow as a person.

Today, do not let defeat win.

Happy Monday and stay motivated!