YMCA of Greater Erie

Now, I know its Wednesday and we are all trying to get over the mid-week-hump but this is not the time to succumb to bad habits. As great as pizza sounds for dinner, just remember: two slices of pepperoni pizza are 600 calories, 25g of fat and 68g of carbs.

600 calories= 60 minutes on the treadmill. Remember this next time you reach for the phone to order your favorite carry-out or delivery. Instead, swap the pizza out for a colorful salad full of your favorite fixtures. A big salad packed with different veggies, fruits, crunchy toppings and a protein is the much better and feel good choice. The salad will leave you satisfied without the guilt.

If you are on Instagram, follow HealthFoodGuide. This account is full of healthy recipes and alternatives for our favorite snacks.

Keep pushing! The weekend is almost here!

Happy Wednesday, Be well!!