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As well all may know, super foods are very helpful for well being and healthy lifestyle. We should all try to incorporate them within our diets everyday. Don’t know your superfoods? Well here is a list of 10 super foods that everyone should feature into their diets.

blog-91.  Salamon
2.  Steel Cut Oats
3.  Avocados
4.  Spinach
5.  Olives
6.  Lentils
7.  Black Beans
8.  Greek Yogurt
9.  Flax Seeds
10.  Green and Block Tea

All of these foods are very easy to cook with and pair with yummy sides. Salmon is a simple easy dinner, avocado is a filling snack and Greek yogurt with flax seeds makes for a easy and fast breakfast paired with a green tea to keep you alert and focused.

All these foods are found on Women’s Day online as well as many others. (Link attached)

So head to Wegmans or your local supermarket to pick up these super foods!

Happy Wednesday and be well!