YMCA of Greater Erie

0bd4a302c856a9799c879040e4abfffaHappy thanksgiving week, everyone! This week, especially, is time to give thanks and appreciate all that everyone does for you. Like I said a few weeks ago, make sure these people know their importance in your life. Even though the spread this upcoming Thursday is going to look fantastic, remember not to binge and over eat! Thanksgiving might be my favorite meal of all time but, it is not a reason to let my diet slip.

Enjoy your smoked turkey, warm stuffing and fluffy mashed potatoes with moderation! There is no need to over eat and feel groggy afterwards. Plus, you will have room to enjoy a small sliver of pumpkin pie! Remember, it is ok to enjoy this delicious fest, but do not go overboard!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy the week with your family and loved ones and remember to give thanks!