YMCA of Greater Erie

give-thanksHappy Monday and most importantly, happy November from all of us here at the Downtown Y. It’s the first Monday of November and you know what that means? The holiday season “scaries” have now just begun.  As much as we wish it was pumpkin flavored everything and cozy nights by the fire, the reality of it is scrambling to get everything done and perfect just in time for the holidays.

But take a step back from all the chaos and think of what you are thankful for. That is, of course, what the holidays are for. To give thanks and recognize what is important in your life. So what is important in yours? What keeps you motivated through the weeks to keep pushing?

Take time to thank those who are important in your life. Take today to reach out to family and friends you have not seen in awhile and catch up. Let them know they are important to you. Today is for giving thanks and realizing what is good around you.

Happy Monday, be thankful today and always!