YMCA of Greater Erie

This weeks post is going to be a tad bit different. Usually I post motivational quotes and questions on Monday, but this week, I had inspiration to do something different. This weeks motivational post is actually one that is internal to our Downtown Y. Debbie Pike is a member at the downtown Y and has been for the past 12 years.

I recently interviewed Debbie for a class project about her Journey with the Y. Debbie was at risk of heart disease as well as being over weight. She, along side her best friend Joe, joined the Y to both get back in shape and live an all around healthier life. With heavy convincing on Joe’s part, Debbie started to go to the Y regularly. With the friendly competitions between her and Joe to keep her motivated, Debbie ended up losing around 50 pounds.

Debbie lost motivation and stopped coming to the Y regularly after the death of her friend, Joe. After gaining most of the weight she originally had lost, Debbie decided to give the Y another chance. She came back and lost the weight she had gained back. But most importantly, Debbie gained life-long friendships at the Y.

Debbie now is certified in Les Mills, Body Pump. I took one of her classes a few weeks back before coming home for the holidays and it was far from easy.

Keep up the good work, Debbie! You are killing it!

Happy Holidays!