YMCA of Greater Erie

As we all know, this season is supposed to be about relaxing while in good company of friends and family. We also know, it usually is far from relaxing. Face it, holiday season, at least from what I have experienced, is hectic and crazy.

My mom is usually running around the house cleaning everything in site, experimenting with new recipes, decorating like one of santa’s elves, and not treating herself properly. Now my mom is incredibly fit. She probably works out harder than me (never tell her I said that) but that’s not what I am worried about.

I have mentioned this numerous times in different posts but it is so important. Mental health is just as important if not more than physical. If you are anything like my mom you are running around all day trying to make all ends meet while working a full-time job and anticipating that annual trip from long distance relatives. Its stressful, to say the least.

Please this holiday season remember to take a step back and breathe. Take care of yourself or else you will end up being miserable come the family party. Remember to have fun and do not work yourself to hard. This is a time for relaxation not for raised blood pressure.

Happy Holidays!