YMCA of Greater Erie

How to train?

I remember Kathy Iorio telling the kids at Kidshape to “hustle your muscle 60 minutes a day”.  So get out there and hustle!  I do my high intensity workouts solo and then I usually go on a mellow ski with my lovely wife Norine, son Andy, or friends like Harvey Snell and Craig Latimer, to chill and enjoy.  Both experiences are good for the body and the spirit.  The high intensity intervals are necessary if you want to be competitive.

When to Train?

Whenever you can fit it in!  Early morning works well for me and sometimes lunch.  Since skiing is a snow sport usually mornings have better snow conditions because the temperature hover around freezing in the AM and by afternoon roads and trails can be unskiable in town. Keep skis and boots in your car and ski in your jeans if you have to. It doesn’t feel too bad and it saves time changing if you’re squeezing in a short ski.

Where to train?

Personally I mix it up between skating on snow packed roads outside my door in the neighborhood, trails at Browns Farm, Erie Golf Course, Kahkwa Club, Glennwood, Peek’n Peak, and of course a short road trip to Wilderness lodge is a treat to ski on expertly groomed trails.

Why to train?

Personally I want to get in shape for bikini season….oh and maybe, I like to ski fast because it feels cool to ski fast.

Look at the Quad Ski as a great way to jump start your winter fitness and keep it going through the entire season.  It would be great if the first time you get on skis is before the ski race, so if you can, get out and ski somewhere, anywhere.  And when the Quad is over…keep skiing! There will still be 2 months of winter left.  What else do you have to do that brings you so much exhilaration, peace and tranquility?  Post Quad season is a great time to get some tips on technique.  So if you see me out there somewhere on the snow feel free to pick my brain.  Seriously I won’t bite…

Jim Samuels

Quad Ski Champion – 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 (and so many more, we can’t list them all or we would run out of space)