YMCA of Greater Erie

Is this the time of the year when you start going to the gym day in and day out?  Last year, did you devote valuable time and effort into exercising, only to fall short of your goals a few months later?   If this scenario sounds all too familiar with your previous New Year experiences, this year try something different….personal training.

What can I gain from working with a Personal Trainer?

Reason #1: Teamwork
“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”- Michael Jordan.

YMCA Personal Trainers don’t just bring professional knowledge to the table; they sit side-by-side with you at the table!  There are many different options that the Y offers to help you achieve your goals.  Whether it be cranking up the volume in a spin class or cooling your engine in a meditative yoga class, Y trainers network and prescribe just what the doctor ordered to best match your individual needs.

Reason #2: Information overload
There is no shortage of fad exercise books, websites, and programs all promising results that will quickly turn you into a magazine cover model.  Information overload can create endless confusion and clutter your brain, leaving you to wonder….”What will actually work for my goals?”

A Personal Trainer eliminates all your guesswork, by setting realistic goals and implementing the right exercise program.  You will get all the results without wasting energy chasing your tail.

Reason #3: Safety
A personal trainer will put your mind at ease by teaching you how to correctly perform exercises in a safe and effective manner.  Your personalized plan is focused on both maximizing your results & injury prevention.  A trainer takes the guesswork out of what & how to do an exercise…allowing you to Just Do It!

Reason #4: Injuries and specific needs/barriers

Bum knee from playing sports?   Stiff back from working at a desk job all day? Personal Trainers are equipped with the knowledge to work with your specific injuries or health conditions while keeping an eye on the big picture to help you achieve your goals. Personal Trainers guide you to exercises that work to improve your health, not impair it further.

Reason #5: Plateaus

Perhaps you’ve been working out regularly and making progress, but have somehow found yourself stuck and not making any more progress.  A Y Personal Trainer can analyze your current exercise routine to find any holes that need fixed to ensure that your journey is a smooth path to success.

Two More Reasons!

Reason #6: Accountability
Setting a date and a time can be a simple solution to the challenge of getting to the Y, but as we all know life is not simple!  Investing both your time and money with a Personal Training package could be just the ticket to your success.  Everyone wants to get the most out of our investments.   Knowing that someone else is waiting for and supporting you makes it more likely you will make it to the Y.   For many of us, just getting to the Y is half the battle!

Reason #7: Motivation!
Personal Trainers have many skills aside from just showing you how to exercise. They are excellent and adaptive motivators, someone you can confide in and trust with your exercise related fears, goals and setbacks.  A  Personal Trainer will help you overcome fears and setbacks and motivate you to reach maximum results.

When hiring a Personal Trainer there are many advantages as you have just read. The YMCA offers great certified personal trainers at very affordable prices.  Whether you are looking to get in better shape,  or would enjoy a new challenge, the YMCA is here to support you and your goals.

Nick Tulino
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer  at Glenwood Park YMCA