YMCA of Greater Erie

Hi my name is Angela and my husband and I were diagnosed with “Unexplained Infertility.”  What does that mean? Well after numerous tests and procedures the doctors couldn’t find any reason why we were unable to conceive.  We started to use different medications, and tried countless IUI’s (Intrauterine  Inseminations).  After about ten cycles of being unsuccessful and several surgeries later, our only option that was left to try was IVF(Invitro Fertilization).

Our first IVF resulted in my first ever positive pregnancy test, unfortunately I miscarried very early in the pregnancy.  It did however, give me hope knowing that it was possible–I CAN get pregnant! I needed a break though, I was drained physically from all the surgeries and medications, drained emotionally from finally getting pregnant and then devistatingly miscarrying, not to mention the financial strain from the IVF and injections.  I needed to heal . . .

That’s when I met Ledys Negron at the Glenwood Park YMCA Holistic Center.  She introduced me to Yoga and through practice and her teachings I started to heal, body and mind.  We practiced at least twice a week, focusing on strengthening fertility and calming breath.  I was able to finally find peace with everything.  I knew it was time to try a second IVF.  I felt ready.

Nine years after my husband and I started this infertility journey, our sweet baby boy was born–healthy and perfect.  I can’t thank Ledys enough for what she gave me–her teachings will stay with me throughout life and I honestly feel her practice is what made it all possible.  Our son is such a blessing and miracle.  We are so very grateful.  On behalf of myself, my husband and our family we want to say thank you Ledys for everything from the bottom of our hearts.