YMCA of Greater Erie

Life gets busy, self-care is often the first thing we sacrifice. This holiday season, commit to eating well, staying hydrated and active and getting adequate sleep so you can be effective and able to fully enjoy this busy time of year.

  1. Nourish Yourself – commit to eating more fruits and vegetables and start each day with a protein-filled breakfast to set yourself on the path for smart eating the rest of the day.
  2. Transform Leftovers into New Meals – Use today’s leftovers as key ingredients for tomorrow’s meals to simplify your life and shorten your to-do list.
  3. Stay hydrated – Carry a bottle of water with you throughout your day; alternate each alcoholic beverage with a full glass of water to stay energized and feel your best.
  4. Get active – Take a yoga class, go for a nature walk, go sledding or cross-country skiing, or play a game of football.
  5. Prioritize sleep – Adequate sleep will help you resist going back for second helpings from the cookie tray.  Adequate sleep also supports your immune system, helping you avoid the dreaded holiday cold or flu
  6. Give to Yourself, Give to Others – Prioritize self-care this moth to enjoy your holidays more and have a happy, healthy start to the new year!