YMCA of Greater Erie

Here are 10 ways you can avoid that holiday weight gain and still enjoy the holiday season:

  1. Eat your favorite foods (in moderation): Don’t go overboard.  Stick with one or two cookies, instead of three, four or more.  Letting yourself enjoy a treat without guilt can actually help you keep up your motivation not to overeat.
  2. Start with the healthy stuff: Head for the healthy food first.  If you fill up with the veggie tray and lean chicken skewers  – you’ll be less likely to overindulge less  healthy fare.
  3. Step away from the buffet –  Put a reasonable amount of food on plate and then move to the other side of the room.
  4. Be a picky eater –  Skip dishes you don’t love or thing you can get  year-round.
  5. Wear snug clothes – Loose-fitting clothing makes it easy to indulge and stay comfortable.
  6. Think before you drink –  Beverages add up. Alcohol contains almost as many calories per gram as fat.
  7. Don’t skip meals – Eat regular meals and snacks during the holidays so you never wind up ravenous and overdoing it.
  8. Do your best to limit stress – Think about what is most important to you and what you can give up.  If you feel less frazzled, you won’t need as much comfort food.
  9. Plan activities other than eating – Plan games and activities instead of sitting around the dining table for hours, host a caroling party instead of a cookie exchange, volunteer with coworkers etc.
  10. Don’t forget to exercise – Controlling what you eat only goes so far.  Keep up aerobic exercise and strength training during the holiday season.