Membership Options During COVID-19 – Updated 4/2

If you need to change your membership while we are temporarily closed, we understand.

Just like every crisis before, we come together in the name of our humanity. And just like it’s been for the last 160 years, the Y is here for good.

As you know, the Y is a non-profit that operates branches, childcare sites, camp sites, and community centers. Having to temporarily close our physical sites has put us in a challenging position and we are concerned about our ability, as a Y, to continue to serve and come out on the other side of this in a position to help the communities we cherish.  It’s unavoidable that we will have to make some tough decisions that will impact our team in order to preserve the Y for future generations, however every single commitment of support from you will help. We know you are dealing with all the same things we are and we are thankful to have you with us, even if just in spirit.

What we know for sure is when this pandemic finally starts to slow, the services we provide at the Y will be needed like never before.

Considering all that needs to be done to help our community get back on its feet and healthy has made it difficult to figure out the best course of action for our members and our staff. So, we’re here to offer you three options to support your Y and we hope one or a combination will work for you. Please note these options are for May 2020; we’ll communicate similar options to you in the event that our state-mandated closure continues. You can select whichever one works best for you and your families.

Stay With Us – Membership Options

Membership Hold –

This option places your membership on hold until we re-open. To place your membership on HOLD, please call the Y at 452-3261 or email [email protected] by Monday, April 27 between 6:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m. Monday-Friday otherwise your membership dues will be processed on May 1, 2020.

Remain an Active Y Member-

There are two options here. By continuing to pay your 100% or 50% of your membership dues, you will help us to be financially solvent during this chaotic time, build Y resources for when we do reopen, build virtual content to support you and your family and ensure we can continue offering critical childcare to “life-sustaining” workforce personnel who have to work as well as free curbside grab & go dinner meals and snacks in partnership with local schools. We will also be able to reach out and support our seniors by phone to help ease the challenges of isolation.

Option A: Use 100% of my monthly dues as a donation. With this option, your membership dues become tax-deductible donations to the YMCA. When our YMCA is able to reopen, you will receive a tax letter for the amount you donated. If you choose this option, no action is required.

Option B: Reduce my monthly dues by 50% and use as a donation. Refer above. If you choose this option, please call the Y at 452-3261 or email [email protected] by Monday, April 27 between 6:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m. Monday-Friday otherwise your membership dues will be processed May 1, 2020.

At this time, we continue to offer Y members the following:

  • Free virtual health and wellness resources, including popular classes, wellness challenges and tips for families (click here). We are developing additional resources and will post when complete.

*If you have paid for your membership in full, we will credit your account for each month that the Y is temporarily closed. Please call the Y at 452-3261 to make these arrangements.

Go Above & Beyond

If you would like to donate additionally to help fund the Y’s efforts to provide community services as referenced above, you can make a donation online. Any amount is valued and appreciated.

We have the opportunity, right now, to decide what the future looks like. We are learning a lot in real time, and we’re adapting.

Most importantly, this is not forever. We’re standing by you during this difficult time and ask that you stand by us as well. There’s a bright future ahead, but the only way we get there is together.

Thanks for #StayingWithUs


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