YMCA of Greater Erie

2016 Community Impact Report


The YMCA of Greater Erie is a positive force in this community. Everything we do is focused on making our community better.  And, keeping our community great is a full time job.  Y staff, volunteers, donors and partners make life-changing work possible.

After 156 years of serving the community, the Y knows what we need to be our best selves.  So, it gives us a place to play, learn, to be healthy, to eat well and give back.  It gives us all a safe and welcoming place to go. Everything the Y does is in service of making us better.

Taking center stage is a national YMCA movement to articulate more clearly the work we are doing in our community.  Our Y sits at the forefront of several key issues facing the Erie community including:

  • adult and childhood obesity
  • drowning prevention
  • high school graduation rates
  • nutrition awareness
  • early learning readiness

We’ve taken big steps to “walk the walk and talk the talk” with organizational commitments outlined in our three-year strategic plan.  Of note are action items in support of:

  • teen-led programs focused on cognitive and social growth
  • early-learning readiness programs to build the assets of informal caregivers
  • healthy eating and  physical activity standards to develop healthy habits and nutritional awareness in kids
  • safety in and around water programs to teach kids and adults water safety skills to reduce their risk of drowning
  • lifestyle and chronic disease prevention programs to improve overall health and well-being in adults and kids

Some organizations exist to find a cure for cancer.  Others exist to feed the hungry.  Our Y exists to strengthen the foundations of our community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.