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CPR/AED And First Aid Certification Classes

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The American Safety and Health Institute CPR/AED and first aid certification classes are available to individuals who have never been certified or whose certification has expired. Classes offered throughout the year.

Click here for the 2017 schedule and registration information.

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Growing Your Inner Light

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Meditation 101

Sunday, March 5th – April 30th 12:30pm – 2:00pm

Glenwood Park YMCA – Holistic Center


Please join us for an eight week series that will teach you basic techniques for Meditation.

Meditation 101 is a welcome guide to the meaning, purpose and benefits of Meditation and ow it cn bring mindfulness to your everyday life.

Each week will include a discussion session, Meditation and reading assignment.

Open To The Community

Registration Required – Space is Limited

Members $20/Non-Members $40

**Meditation Book & CD included

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Healthy Family Home

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Every family can be a healthy family. By focusing your family’s efforts to live healthier around the Y’s pillars of a healthy family home and taking small steps using the information and tools we provide, your family will soon be feeling stronger and living healthier.

Healthy Family Home is a virtual program offered by the YMCA of the USA.  Click here for additional resources including a newsletter and a Healthy Family Home Starter Kit

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Lifeguard Course

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This certification course is designed to give participants basic skills and knowledge to be a lifeguard in the pool, lake, river, surf and waterparks. This comprehensive course offers up-to-date information on how to guard, anticipate and prevent problems and take action to help those in danger. Participants must be 16 years old before the completion of the course.  A prerequisite swim is required.  Register Online>>

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Weight Watchers

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Connect with a great support network by participating in Weight Watchers® at the Y! Our Weight Watchers® group is an opportunity to “buddy-up” with others, gather resources about nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. You can lean on your trained Meeting leader, who has been in your shoes.

Members who attend a minimum of 11 meetings earns a free month of YMCA membership (one awarded annually per household).

Cost is $156 for 12 weeks.  Pre-payment is required at time of registration and can be made in full or in three equal installments.  Program includes group meeting and 14 weeks of free Essential etools and 24/7 chat.  Program fees are established by Weight Watchers®.

Join at any time.  A minimum of 15 participants are required by Weight Watchers®.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions


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YMCA Aquatic Safety Assistance (YASA)

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This certification course is designed to prepare participants with the skills and knowledge needed to recognize aquatic risks and assist a lifeguard in the emergency response of an accident or injury. Minimum age: 14 years and must be able to swim 100 yards and tread water 2 minutes, legs only.

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YMCA Swim Lesson Instructor Course

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This training course awards the YMCA Swim Instructor Certification.  After successful completion, instructors will be able to identify components of the YMCA Swim Lesson continuum, demonstrate the behaviors of an effective YMCA Swim Lesson Instructor, maintain an inclusive environment of learning while keeping order in a positive and safe environment, employ swim teaching techniques that breakdown the critical features of a swimmer’s skill progression and demonstrate the swim instructor’s role in an emergency situation.

Prerequisites: CPR, AED, Oxygen and First Aid certifications. Prior to REGISTERING, participants must complete eLearning for Principles of Youth Development, YMCA Swim Lessons Instructor Orientation, and YMCA Swim Lessons Instructor Observe and Communicate.   Ability to complete 4 of the 6 strokes in good form (front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke, sidestroke, elementary backstroke and butterfly), tread water 2 minutes with 2 different kicks.

Download an instruction sheet for registering for this course and e -learnings.

Download an instruction sheet for uploading certifications for this course.

Course Cost: Free for YMCA of Greater Erie staff, members $75, non-members $150

E-Learning Cost: $10/course.  Reimbursed to YMCA of Greater Erie staff after successful completion of course.


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