Traditional Preschool

Ages 3-5 years

Y Preschool builds on a child’s natural desire to learn things and become more self-reliant. Getting along with other children, sharing, taking turns and working in a group are all natural parts of learning. Y Preschool is also a safe, fun and comfortable place where children build positive relationships with caring adults.

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Parent Handbook

Download the Parent Handbook for important information on what to expect, our policies and instructional philosophy. 

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Please feel free to call or email us at your preferred location, or chat with us for more information.

31 W 10th St
Erie, PA 16501
General: (814) 452-3261
Email: [email protected]

2101 Nagle Road
Erie, PA 16510
General: (814) 899-9622
Email: [email protected]

3507 Poplar Street
Erie, PA 16508
General: (814) 464-2980
Fax: (814) 580-5211
Email:  [email protected]

301 Darrow Road
Edinboro, PA 16412
General: (814) 734-8020
Email: [email protected]

3727 Cherry Street
Erie, PA 16508
General: (814) 868-0867
Email: [email protected]

2556 Maple Avenue
Lake City, PA 16423
General: (814) 774-5602 ext. 1054
Email: [email protected]

112 West 3rd Street
Waterford, PA 16441
General: (814) 679-2074
Email: [email protected]

5120 West Road
McKean, PA 16426
General: (814) 273-1033 ext. 4024
Email: [email protected]

10450 John Williams Ave.
Albion, PA 16401
General: (814) 815-8082
Email: [email protected]

1510 Townhall Road
Erie, PA 16509
General: (582) 867-7511
Email: [email protected]

10780 Wattsburg Road
Erie, PA 16509
General: (814) 824-4150
Email: [email protected]

8600 West Lake Road
Lake City, PA 16423
General: (814) 402-1225
Email: [email protected]

Infants and Toddlers

Children 6 wks.-2 years bond with their caregivers and thrive in high quality educational environment.

Traditional Preschool

Children 3-5 years become Kindergarten ready through child-centered activities.

Pre-K Counts

High-quality preschool program offered to qualifying families at no cost.


Before & After-School Enrichment & Summer Camp

Keystone STARS

A recognized accreditation program ensures high quality standards and educated teachers.

Summer Camp

Traditional Day Camp for school-age children at convenient locations throughout Erie County.