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“The Rebich Investments Downtown Showdown” 3 -on-3 Outdoor Basketball Tournament

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Held annually, this tournament is for all – boys, girls, men and women grades 1 and up with 12 different divisions.  Click here for more information.

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Adult Co-Ed 6s Competitive Volleyball

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An exciting and competitive league that will give your team a challenge. The league consists of eight or 12 weeks of play plus playoffs. All teams make playoffs and the championship team gets t-shirts. Fall, Winter & Spring Sessions. Cost: $270/team for fall session(12 weeks); $180/team for winter & spring sessions (8 weeks).

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Adult Co-Ed 6s Rec Volleyball

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An exciting league for adults looking to enjoy some time with their friends in a non-competitive environment. Great for players looking to learn the game of volleyball or “polish” up their skills. The league consists of eight or 12 weeks of play plus playoffs. All teams make playoffs and the championship team gets t-shirts. Fall, Winter & Spring Sessions. Cost: $270/team for fall session (12 weeks); $180/team for winter & spring sessions (8 weeks).

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Adult Pickleball Courts

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Pickleball is a racket sport which combines elements of badmitton, tennis, and table tennis. Fun for all ages.

Glenwood open Pickleball courts 9 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Tuesdays & Thursdays and Sundays from 10 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Don’t worry about a partner. We partner as we play. We have paddles or you can bring your own.

Eastside open Pickleball courts 11a.m.-1p.m Monday & Wednesday starting January 12th, 2015.  One court is designated for beginner/intermediate players and another for advanced players.  Pickleball is pick-up, so any can show up and get playing time.

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Adult Racquetball League

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Dust off those racquets because we are bringing back one of our most popular leagues!  Our new racquetball league will consist of 8 Round-Robin Games and the player with the most  points at the end of 8 weeks will win the league.

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Adult Soccer – CoEd & Women’s

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Whether you’ve never played and want to try it, played all your life and want to continue or haven’t played in quite some time… we’ve got a division for you!  The YMCA, in conjunction with Family First Sports Park & Gannon University, is able to offer a variety of soccer leagues – there’s a division for everyone!

Being an adult league, all participants must be at least 18 years of age to play.  All YMCA programs are recreationally-based, but we do encourage competitiveness as long as it’s within the limits of sportsmanship and respects the game itself.

The league at FFSP plays on Tuesday nights in the Field House (summer – play on outdoor grass fields) and the league at the Eastside YMCA plays on Sundays (summer – play at Gannon University’s Turf Stadium).

If you’ve never played before, come see why Soccer is nationally called “The Most Beautiful Game on Earth”.  With any questions or comments, feel free to contact the Adult Soccer Coordinator, Corey Wolff, by e-mail or calling 814-580-6703.

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Beginner Hustle Dance Lessons

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Hustle is a very exciting and energetic dance with the flexibility to look elegant and graceful, sultry and intimate, or funky and fun. It shares patterns and concepts with Salsa, including numerous wrap and turn patterns. More applicable and popular than ever, our curriculum focuses on a modern Hustle which is the contemporary evolution of the partner dance first popularized in the 1970’s.

The styling, movement, and musicality have evolved to reflect the latest music and trends. It also has options to travel and float on the dance floor like Waltz and Foxtrot. It’s danced to a syncopated rhythm creating a unique pulse perfect for pop, disco, jazz, and techno tunes. This powerful social dance can really make you stand out on the dance floor. Hustle is useful for regular dance parties such as weddings/receptions, live music night at the bar, charity events, etc.


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Beginner Waltz Dance Lessons

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Waltz is as relevant and useful today as it has been for over a century. It’s perfect for classics, as well as many of today’s pop, country, jazz, and even rock ballads. There are a surprising number of contemporary songs that use a Waltz rhythm. Along with Foxtrot, it is a common choice for wedding dances and is popular with social dancers all over the world. Waltz music is recognized by its ¾ rhythm, meaning musical phrases are counted in six beats rather than the usual eight.

An elegant and graceful slow dance that glides across the floor, it can be intimate and romantic or formal and grand. Learning to Waltz will improve your posture, poise, balance, frame, and control.


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County Y Blue Dolphins Swim Team

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Participants have an opportunity to swim in a competitive environment.  The swim team competes locally with the opportunity to advance to district, state and national events.  Everybody swims, everybody wins.  Winter session runs October to March, summer session runs June-July.

To access the County Blue Dolphins web site, click here>>

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Eastside Family YMCA Swim Team

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Every kid has swimming abilities – there’s a little Michael Phelps in each of them.  Help yours find their swimming potential through the Eastside Family Y Swim Team!  Swimmers of all ages and abilities participate in our 150 + member Swim Team.  Led by caring coaches, we emphasize personal improvement through stroke technique and training, a strong work ethic and team work through competitive swimming. The swim team competes locally with the opportunity to advance to district, state and national events.   For more information, click here.

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synchronized swimming
Free Weights
water polo

Karate Camp

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Pee-wees – Kids – Teens – Adults  (Ages 3 & up)

Fitness – Games – Self Defense – Confidence & Fun…

Classes taught by World Taekwondo Master:  Jonathan Mancino & Staff

All Participants will receive a Rank in Olympic Taekwondo & Judo.

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Master Swim Team

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Come and swim coached workouts with other adult swimmers. This Adult Masters Swim Team will be coached by one of our aquatics staff who is qualified and experienced in swimming. Each workout will be new and challenging. Each class we will work on various skills including: Stroke Technique, Endurance, Speed, and Strength. You must be 18 or older to participate.

The team will compete in The Allegheny Mountain YMCA/YWCA Masters Swimming Association.  Meets are held once or twice a month beginning in September and ending in April with a Championship meet.

This is a US Masters Swimming program so there is a nominal $10 yearly membership fee for
Y members and $90 yearly membership fee for non-members.  As a member of the team you can attend any or all of the meets. There is a $7.00 meet fee for the meet(s) you wish to attend. You must compete in 3 regular season meets to be eligible to attend the Championship Meet.

For more information contact Jeanne Moss at the Downtown YMCA at 452-3261 (Ext. 274)

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Mixed Martial Arts

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The YMCA teams up with Lund Martial Arts Academy.  When you tell them you are a YMCA of Greater Erie member, you’ll get three classes, your uniform and your belt for FREE!

With a flexible class schedule and locations in Millcreek and Harborcreek, Lund Martial Arts Academy prides themselves on expert instruction for kids 5+, teens and adults.

Plus, they’ll donate $50 to the Y’s annual scholarship campaign for membership and programs when you sign-up for any program afterwards!

Register by calling 833-2800 (Millcreek) or 899-9200 (Harborcreek) and mention the promo code “YMCA815”.  Learn more about Lund Martial Arts Academy at www.LundMartialArts.com.

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Boot camp squats

Outdoor Bootcamp

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Tired of the indoor workout routine?  Then take your workout outside and get some fresh air with our 8 week outdoor bootcamp.  Bootcamp is offered twice a week with two sessions available, morning and evening.  Cost is $35 members; $75 non-members. Registration is required.  For more information click here

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P.L.A.Y. Youth Basketball League

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This 8 week + playoffs youth basketball league is for boys and girls grades 1-6. This competitive league will be focused on developing basketball fundamentals while allowing the kids to experience healthy competition in a safe and fun environment. All games will be at the YMCA of Greater Erie Downtown Branch and will have an assigned referee and scorekeeper. The league fee is $45.00/student. All participants will receive a t-shirt. Next league begins in January 2017.

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Sporties for Shorties

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Sporties for Shorties is a new spin on a classic program at the Eastside Family Y.  Formerly, Mighty Mites, Sporties for Shorties is a 10-week class which offers lessons in sports such as soccer, basketball, floor hockey and t-ball and includes a weekly swim lesson.  Cost is $25 for members and $75 for non-members.

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suspension training

Suspension Training Class

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Certified Personal Trainer, Justin Weed, will lead you through strength building exercises utilizing suspension equipment.  This class will have access to state of the art equipment provided by Iroquois Elementary School and takes place at Iroquois Elementary at 4231 Morse St., Erie, PA 16511.

Cost is $20 Members & $40 Non-members.  Registration is required.

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QUAD Bike Woman

Triathalon Training Program

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JUST TRI IT is a 12 week training program to inspire people to get healthy and fit. This program is open to all levels (novice to advanced) and provides participants the opportunity to train for a triathlon in a fun, challenging and non-intimidating environment.

Program Includes:  Training Schedule, Saturday Training Class (7am-8am) and monthly seminars on nutrition, injury prevention and triathlon fundamentals.

Next JUST TRI It Program – Jan 2017; Registration Fees & Dates TBA.

For more information, please contact Monica Olesnanik at 877-3716 or molesnanik@ymcaerie.org

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Floor Hockey Class

Youth Co-Ed Ball Hockey

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There’s an Erie Otter inside all of us!  This introduction to hockey basics will have your son or daughter learn sport fundamentals including stick handling, passing, shooting, positions and teamwork. Play for youth 4-12 years old.  Cost: Y members free/non-members $58.  Session held in Winter.

Click on location of your choice and download registration form.

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Youth Co-Ed Basketball

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YMCA basketball leagues are the best and most fun around!  Volunteer coaches work on basic ball handling, passing, shooting and defensive skills while introducing defensive and offensive schemes. Play appropriate for youth 6-12 (Eastside offers for ages 5 – 13).  Session runs Jan – Feb.

Click on location of your choice to download registration form.

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Youth Co-Ed Indoor Soccer

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This program is offered twice a year (Mar-May & Oct-Dec) for ages 4-13.  The goal of the program is for players to learn the basic skills and strategies of soccer; such as:  dribbling, passing, shooting, formations, offense/defense, etc.  Games (6) are held on Saturdays and 30-minute practices are held once a week, Tuesday through Friday.

Click on the location of your choice to download a registration form.

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Youth Co-Ed NFL Flag Football

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This NFL flag football program gives everyone a chance to feel like an NFL player while having fun. Each player receives a set of flags and an official NFL Flag Football jersey.  Session held in Summer. Play appropriate for youth 6-15.

Cost: Y members $25/non-members $75.

Click on location of your choice for registration form.

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kickball and base

Youth Co-Ed Outdoor Kickball

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A lot of feet and big kicks for all – the joy of recess lives on with our Youth Co-Ed Kickball leagues.  Kids enjoy this fast-paced, action-packed and fun game while bonding with teammates and developing fast friendships. Non-competitive summer program with games played outside once per week. Participants learn team play and develop sports skills while having fun.  Play appropriate for youth 4-12.

Cost: Y members free; non-members $58.

Click on location to download registration form.

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