Breast Cancer Roundtable Discussion

A round table discussion was recently held at our Eastside location by members who are breast cancer survivors. Members Carol Dolak, Justina Bailey, Kate Chalupczynski, and Peggy Lucas discussed their journeys after their diagnoses.

Kate shared specifically how the Y helped her through this time: Tears were in her eyes as she described the compassion and encouragement from staff member Kelly Gibson when learning of her diagnosis and upcoming surgery, the get-well card signed by staff and members in her classes at the Y, and the warm welcome she received when returning to the Y helped to boost her spirits.   

Being in shape from her YMCA classes helped with her recovery: She received comments from medical professionals at her appointments complimenting her low heart rate and increased shoulder mobility/range of motion. She could raise her arm the day after surgery with no discomfort, and was back to yoga class 8 days after surgery, both of which she also credits her good physical shape from her Y workouts. 

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