Perspective: Learning to Swim Boosts Confidence

Darlene Stalmach always wanted to know how to swim. She took lessons more than 25 years ago but never finished. A recent knee replacement motivated her to enroll in adult swim lessons.

“I was looking for a total-body and low-impact exercise,” said Darlene. “Swimming has given me the confidence and motivation to go to the Y, try different activities and meet new people.”

Darlene is afraid of heights. Diving into the water from the diving block required Darlene to overcome an additional fear. “I attempted it twice and backed down. My instructor Brandi encouraged me. Eventually, I did overcome my fear and I dove it! It was a definite milestone for me.”

“I have a 13-year-old granddaughter and she doesn’t know how to swim either. I hope I can be her role model and maybe someday teach her,” said Darlene.

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