In many places, when you ask a question you get an answer. At the Y, when you ask a question, you get a new friend.

Mindy joined the Y in December 2023, primarily for swim lessons for her young son. She trains hard for endurance races – like the Boulder Beast, which included climbing a mountain – then steps back for a time. But on this day, she was curious about the schedule posted on the door. When Visnja approached with her mat, Mindy asked if there was a class.

Visnja explained the class and encouraged Mindy to join her. Soon, they were chatting and laughing, sharing a bit about their backgrounds. Visnja has been a member for five years and loves SoulFusion.

“It can be hard to come into a class for the first time,” Visnja shared. “I want others to enjoy the Y like I do.” She helped Mindy get set up with her own mat and weights.

After class, Visnja checked in with Mindy again. “That’s what I needed,” she said, smiling. “I’ll definitely be back.”

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