Vacation Request Form

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Vacation Leave for Children: These days may be used individually or in weekly increments. Once these days are used, payment will be expected for any absence. Vacation days will run from January to December, days may not carry over from year to year. No credit is available for unused days. The number of vacation days your child shall receive is based on the number of contracted days weekly.

Our Fees are contracted. Our weekly rate is based on a 4-day week with the 5th day free. Vacation days will be used for 2 or more requested days off.

*This policy does not apply to families receiving subsidized child care (ELRC) or sliding fee discounts.*

Days contracted weekly Vacation days per year
5 10
4 8
3 6
2 4
1 2

*Please submit form to the Child Care Director at least one week in advance to ensure proper credit of account.

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