Indoor Cycling

Get in gear! Our inspiring instructors will lead the class on a journey through mixed terrains (hills, flats, mountain peaks, time trials and interval training) to the rhythm of powerful music. By increasing or decreasing tension on the bike, you control the intensity of your ride, making this class suitable for both new and experienced riders.

YMCA Cycling classes include:

Indoor Cycling: This workout is designed to enhance muscular strength and endurance at every level. Each individual controls the intensity to meet their own level of fitness.

Cycling classes offered at County, Downtown, Eastside Family and Glenwood Park Ys.


Program Contacts

County YMCA
Kelly Gheres 734-5700

Downtown YMCA
Monica Olesnanik 877-7030

Eastside YMCA
Shelly Sheridan 899-9622

Glenwood Park YMCA
Nancy Jo Foor 868-0867

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