STRONG Wellness Challenge

STRONG Wellness Challenge

This six week FREE transformational program is designed to challenge growth in Spirit, Mind and Body.

Six Weeks. Teammates from across the US. 20 minutes a day. Five days a week. You’ll receive three texts and/or emails a week filled with motivation, challenges, workouts and more.

We’ll experiment with challenges and rhythms designed to open us up to a purpose driven life that is STRONG. Take the Challenge, have some fun, and discover what it means to be STRONG.

Participate on your own time where you’re most comfortable – at home or at the Y- or a combo of both. While an active Y membership is NOT required for STRONG participation, it is required if you intend on using the Y. There is plenty of support either way!

Just for signing up, you’ll received a “get started” kit and upon completion, we have other goodies in store! Once registered, you’ll receive a text and/or an email with what’s next.

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