Erie Gives Day

Erie Gives Day

Today, we are more health-conscious than ever before. We’re realizing that staying fit isn’t just about looking good. We want to feel well enough to play with our children, enjoy a hobby, walk down the aisle, or travel.

Unfortunately, 1 out of 2 Erie County residents report poor physical health and low income. Adults can be 65% at higher risk for the same life-threatening diseases.

We need your help. You can make a difference in the health of someone you may never meet.

We need to create more community partnerships with local churches and nonprofits to deliver health improvement programs focused on: smarter health choices; disease prevention, detection, and control; and mental health and quality of life.

With your gift to the Y on Erie Gives Day, we’ll reach more people in places like the Garden Heights Baptist or Harborcreek Community Church with evidence-based, small-group programs at free or low-cost that are proven to delay or even prevent the costly impact of chronic disease.

All people deserve the joys of a healthy life. Your gift to the Y on Erie Gives Day can help give all people an equal opportunity to improve their health and enjoy tomorrow.