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At the Y, a supportive community is a big part of wellness.

At the YMCA of Greater Erie, a supportive community is a big part of wellness. That’s why we are a community partner in preventing chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure through the Y’s Healthy Living Center. Our programs help educate the community about healthy habits to prevent chronic diseases from taking hold. The programs are provided for free or at a low cost, which allows us to help bridge the gap between doctor care and regular life. The YMCA has the equipment and spaces to provide high-quality programs and the YMCA of the USA training allows our staff to become experts in developing healthy habits.

The YMCA isn’t just a gym – it’s a place where people come together to become the best and healthiest version of themselves. We believe that we have an opportunity to improve our collective health by reducing our risk for chronic disease and transforming health and wellness as the primary weapon in our fight against disease. We offer classes and programs for those dealing with chronic disease, fall prevention, blood pressure self-monitoring, and cancer survivorship.

Program Offerings

The YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program is a 12-month evidence- based behavior change program aimed at reducing your risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. Participants work in a small group with a trained Lifestyle coach in a relaxed, class room setting. In 25 sessions, participants learn how to incorporate healthier eating, moderate physical activity, problem-solving and coping skills into their daily lives. Participants will also receive a 6-month membership to the Y.

Do you qualify?

  • At least 18 years old
  • Overweight (BMI >25)
  • Diagnosed with prediabetes via a blood test or gestational diabetes. If a blood test is not available, participants must have a qualifying risk score (5 or higher) on the National Prediabetes Risk Test –
  • Blood Tests Include: A1c (5.7%-6.4%); Fasting Plasma Glucose (100-125mg/dL); 2-hour plasma glucose (140-199 mg/dL)

This 4-month evidence-based program helps adults with hypertension lower and manage their blood pressure. Goals include a reduction in blood pressure, better blood pressure management, increased awareness of triggers and enhanced knowledge to develop healthier eating habits. Participants will attend at least two 10-minute consultations per month with a trained YMCA Healthy Heart Ambassador, learn proper measuring techniques, attend monthly nutrition seminars and record and track blood pressure at home.  Participants also receive a 2-month membership to the Y.

Program Fees: $50/members – $100/non-members (price subject to change after pilot program completion)

Do you qualify?

  • At least 18 years old
  • Diagnosed with high blood pressure
  • Not at risk for lymphedema (swelling that generally occurs in one of your arms or legs)
  • Not have experienced a recent cardiac event
  • Not have atrial fibrillation or other arrhythmias

Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring is one part of Y-USA’s suite of evidence-based chronic disease prevention programs.

In the United States, falls related injuries are a major public health concern for individuals over 65 as well as those living with chronic conditions such as heart disease.

Moving For Better Balance is a 12-week evidence-based group exercise program developed by researchers at the Oregon Research Institute. The program, based on the principles of Tai Chi, is led by a qualified instructor and teaches eight movements modified especially for falls prevention.

The program works to improve balance, muscle strength, flexibility and mobility to enhance overall physical health, which leads to better functioning in daily activities. Participation in the program may also result in better mental health, reduced stress, improved memory and cognition, and increased self-esteem.

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What Participants Are Saying

"In the YMCA's Diabetes Prevention Program, you give and get encouragement and motivation from others as you learn practical ways to take control of your health."
Wade, Program Participant
"Moving for Better Balance has saved my life. Before this program, I was becoming increasingly afraid of falling as my body became more unsteady. The program has increased by confidence in walking in and around my home and my community and I am now fall free!"
Nancy, Program Participant
“Once you start, you’re not going to want to stop. So, just try it one time –just give yourself one month. The Heart Ambassadors will teach you and before you know it you’re doing it on your own and think- look where I am now!”
Lorraine, Program Participant