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Summer Camp Registration opens Monday, April 5.

COVID-19 has dramatically changed our lives, creating a new way of working and living. During these times of change and uncertainty, it’s important to focus on self-care and bringing your health and well-being to the forefront.

Here at the Y, you’ll find people of people of every age and every activity level just like you looking to live a little bit healthier. We’re all starting to finally realize that staying fit isn’t just about looking good—it’s about strengthening our immune system and staving off serious health problems.

COVID-19 has disrupted our society. But it has also created an opportunity to improve our health—by transforming health and wellness  the primary weapon in our fight against disease.

At the Y, we are committed to providing you with a healthy and safe environment that aligns with expert protocols for working to defeat COVID-19. Consisting of in-house and outside experts the Y is redefining our cleaning and safety standards.
Cleaning – Our staff has always been committed to providing a clean and safe environment for you and your family. Due to the contagious nature of the Coronavirus, the YMCA has taken extra steps to ensure your safety. Thorough cleaning throughout the YMCA is a priority for all staff, not just our custodians. You’ll see everyone lending a hand to help keep all of our high-touch surfaces clean at all times. You can do your part by using the sanitation stations throughout our facilities and wiping down your equipment before and after your use. Daily Surface Sanitation – Our YMCA has invested in HDQ® Neutral and Halt® Electrostatic Systems.  Electrostatic technology enables superior coverage of CDC endorsed HDQ® & Halt ® solutions in hard-to-reach places — including the side, underside and backside of surfaces. This technology:
  • Kills human Coronavirus in 10 minutes
  • Hospital grade one-step cleaner, bactericidal, virucidal, mildewcidal, fungicidal disinfectant
  • Eliminates odors
  • Sanitizes soft surfaces
  • Sanitizes non-food contact surfaces in 1 minute
The HDQ® & Halt® Electrostatic System is used for nightly sanitation at the YMCA, and may be used throughout the day if rooms and spaces are unoccupied. Continual Air & Surface Sanitation – The YMCA has been working with various community partners to help learn more about the newest technologies to keep you safe in our buildings. The Y is investing over $200,000 in Air Purification Systems and Bipolar Ionization Units thanks to a matching grant from the Erie County CARES Act Funding. Investments are being made at all four locations and work completed in January.
  • These units will be placed in the HVAC systems at the YMCA and studies have shown that Reme Halo and iWave – C Bipolar Ionization and Plasma Air Scrubber units can eliminate 99.92% of coronavirus particles in the air and on surfaces within 30 minutes. To learn more about this technology, please CLICK HERE.

Count on your Y as a trusted and experienced resource for overall well-being for commercial-free on-demand workouts, live classes, resources for keeping your brain and body healthy, and plenty of active activities for families. Expect about 100 hours of content each month ranging from a few minutes to 60!

The Y’s Healthy @ Home Virtual Living Room provides member-only  access to live stream and on demand classes, workshops and more for the entire family and is now INCLUDED in your Y membership – that’s a $120 perk.

The Y’s Healthy @ Home Virtual Living Room gives you the flexibility to vary your routine with in –person/facility and at-home convenience.

Healthy Living Center-

Reduce your health risks through evidence-based lifestyle behavior change programs. Members and program participants often cite the support and enthusiasm of fellow participants and staff as some of the key factors in their achievement of greater well-being. We offer classes and programs for those dealing with chronic disease, fall prevention, blood pressure self-monitoring, Veterans services and cancer survivorship.

Programs are offered in person and in virtual formats. Programs are offered free or at a reduced cost to members. Check out the Y’s Healthy Living Center.

Fitness Challenges & Wellness Series-

Healthy living is a vital part of our mission and to our well-being – and we wanted to keep that mission alive despite our current circumstances. It is important now, more than ever, that we come together as a Y movement to remain connected to each other and foster a sense of community.

Members receive a free adult entry to the Y’s well-known Highmark QUAD Games for in person or virtual participation as well as fitness challenges. Watch our teaser video for RESET.

We’re here to help you focus on what matters most: your health, your family and friends, and your community. Trust your Y to ensure the health and safety of all people. 

Our Facility Guide details all that the Y is doing – and what you can do to create a healthy & safe environment.  Some highlights:

  • mandatory masking at all times, even while actively exercising. Face Shields available for purchase – $3/each
  • reduced capacities & socially distant spaces
  • reservations for spaces and classes
  • flexibility
  • no cancellation fees; reactivate when you’re ready

We want all families to feel welcome at the Y. That’s why we have a Financial Assistance program to help all belong.

Perhaps its job loss, an extended illness, divorce- or any number of unforeseen situations – that cause an individual or a family to re-evaluate their involvement at the Y. It’s in these most stressful times that the Y can be most helpful in filling the gaps until they are back on their feet.

The Y provides financial assistance for Y membership and program fees to ensure that all people have equal access to Y programs and services regardless of ability to pay.

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What Members Are Saying

My pandemic survival kit has been my mask, hand sanitizer and my YMCA membership! The virtual opportunities have insured that I maintain an exercise program that is so important to my health, kept me in touch with my Y friends and definitely eased the stress of living through this time. The classes are available live and also archived so that I can access them later on in the week if I cannot make scheduled class.
Barb Stolar

On this page, you may register for programs. Use the navigation on the left to filter for location, program category and more. Our new Virtual Y Healthy @ Home includes member-only FREE access to dozens of LIVE STREAM classes led by popular Y instructors and a full ON DEMAND library of classes and programs – from anywhere, at any time.  The Virtual Y is free for Erie Y members and is included in your existing Y membership. To access the Virtual Y, you’ll need to have set-up your online member account. Click here for a helpful video in setting up your account.

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